Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boy Who Loves UPS Receives A Mini Brown Truck To Drive

Boy Gets His Wish, When UPS Gives Him Mini UPS Truck

A 4-year-old boy from Colorado Springs has become completely crazy about trucks. For some reason he enjoys one truck the most, the brown UPS truck which drops milk off to him twice a week. The UPS driver Ernie Lagasca has become good friends with Carson. They became so close it came to the point where Carson would be waiting outside for him. He referred to the UPS driver as "Mr. Ernie", and was always excited to see him. 

“[In] my job, I meet a lot of wonderful people, but Carson really stood out. Just to see him growing up so far in his young life, how I’ve made an impact on him. He adds a bright light into my life. It makes me feel my job is more worthwhile” Lagasca said.

 Carson even goes as far as collecting UPS Stickers, and even has a UPS hat. “He’s always looking really sharp in his hat, and his boots — the whole outfit,” said Ernie. Carson received a special delivery from UPS's Wishes Delivered campaign. The gift was a child sized UPS truck.

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