Thursday, December 11, 2014

Photo Goes Viral When Policeman Escorts Elderly Woman

Viral Photo Of Police Officer Helping Elderly Woman

An unlikely friendship has formed between Officer John Holder and a 73-year-old widow named Dorothy Shepard.  Shepard had multiple surgeries and no where to turn. 

Holder was sent to visit her and decided to leave his cellphone number in case she need anything.   Ever since that day, he has brought her to doctors appointments and to run errands.  No one in the DeSoto Police Department even knew about Holder was doing these things. A random shopper took the photo of the pair side-by-side and it went viral. Because of the internet, the whole world gets to see it.  Thousands of people responded. 

Jessica Huerta, who snapped the picture, said on the Desoto PD Facebook page, “I’m so glad I caught the awesome moment to share with everyone! It was just a day before thanksgiving and it just made my day!”
Even though Officer Holder didn’t want any attention for his actions, their bond of friendship has been featured on news stations around the world.

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