Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A 5-Year-Old Boy Helps Homeless Man, Will Melt Your Heart

A 5-Year-Old Boy Helps Homeless Man, Will Melt Your Heart

Young boy in Prattville, Alabama met a homeless man and what he did next is inspirational.

Josiah Duncan, saw the man outside of a Waffle House and started questioning his mother. What bothered the Josiah was that the man wasn't eating because he was homeless.
So Josiah urged his mom to buy the man a meal.

"He came in and sat down, and nobody really waited on him," Faulk told the station. "So Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu because you can't order without one."

The man didn't want to take advantage of the situation by ordering too much, but the family then told him to order what he wants. So he ordered a burger with a side of bacon.

"I told him get as much bacon you want," Faulk told WSFA.

Josiah decided to sing a prayer, before he ate his meal.
"The man cried. I cried. Everybody cried," Faulk told the station.

"Watching my son touch the 11 people in that Waffle House tonight will be forever one of the greatest accomplishments as a parent I'll ever get to witness," she said.

Watch Vido Here Montgomery Alabama news.

Full story on the WSFA website.

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