Sunday, May 24, 2015

Special Needs Student Crowned Prom Queen, Gets Record Votes

Special Needs Student Crowned Prom Queen, Gets Record Votes

Oregon student has an amazing smile.

Katie Shipley, a senior in highschool with a developmental disorder, was voted prom queen. Shipley received 200 votes from her classmates on Saturday. This is a record number in the history of her school, according to NBC.

"I had the most votes in school, in the whole world," Shipley told KGW. "They made me feel happy."

Shipley voiced her wish to be part of the prom court. Her classmates helped make it possible by supporting and campaigning for her. They were able to get her the date of her choice, classmate Mike Parks.

Parks had great things to say about Shipley, "She's really joyful. I've never seen her not smiling,"

Shipley was born with a rare chromosome disorder, KGW reported, and is a student in Southridge’s special education program.

Earlier this month classmates let her know that she was nominated a prom princess. After becoming the prom queen, Shipley sent notes expressing how grateful she was to have great friends.

"I like being prom queen," she said in an interview with The Oregonian/Oregonlive. "Prom queen is my favorite thing."

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